Who is Butch Gibson?
What exactly is going on, who am I and what exactly am I doing? My name is Butch Gibson and I work as a mobile disc jockey in and around the Greater Cincinnati Ohio area and I also have decades of experience in retail sales, marketing, advertisement, entertainment, computers, commercial radio, community radio, and music. With this unique background, I’m ready to ‘deliver the party or deliver the message’ to celebrations, promotional events, or anywhere. NO ONE does it like I do it. This website is a place where I hope to be able to share information a digitally deliver what I’ve been calling The Butch Gibson Show. I may call the show the Conversation Collage and I’d like it to be a growing and learning experience for everyone on this side of the microphone and everyone on the other side of the speakers. This can also be a communication hub and entertainment or consulting hub. Feel free to contact me for anything you might need.

Throughout the past few years, I have literally talked and worked one on one with over 75,000 people individually. In other situations I have also interacted with hundreds of thousands of people at one time. I’m able to easily move from the boardwalk to the boardroom, from the hood to the head office, and I can converse with the prince as easily as I can with the pauper. I have lived, I have learned, and I look forward to working with and talking to you.

I’ve swept floors, driven folk lifts, & even worked to trouble shoot server problems down to part level. I’ve interviewed just about everyone from The Prophets of Rage (Public Enemy – http://www.publicenemy.com) to The Queen of Soul (Aretha Franklin – http://www.sodamnhappy.com). I have been Employee Of The Month at every full-time job that I’ve worked at for the last 15 years. I am an unstoppable force & will continue to strive for excellence in all areas of my professional & personal life.

Groups, Associations, Honors, Awards, and Achievements:
Founder of Greater Cincinnati DJs
Co-Founder of the Midwestern Disc Jockey Coalition
Recognized in City Beat (http://www.citybeat.com) for dj achievements.
Selected as member of The Source (http://www.thesource.com) 5-Mic Council.
Elected as Member of the Board of Trustees of the Parent company Stepchild Radio of Cincinnati.
Selected as entertainment coordinator for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life event at Princeton High School, Cincinnati, OH USA.
Selected to judge and provided equipment for University of Cincinnati Bearcast 2006 DJ Battle.
Received KISS FM London England letter of Mix Approval
Selected as the Day in Eden media spokesman for local public access television and host of Day in Eden kickoff on Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.
Selected as a judge for Diamond in Ruff Battle of the Beats 2005 and host for the 2004 Passthemic.com MC Battle.
Stage manager for multiple stages at the Juneteenth Celebrations within Daniel Drake Park.
Junior Achievement Job Shadow Award – Presented for representing Entex (Siemens) to visiting eighth graders from Roselawn Condon Middle School.
Community Service Award – Presented by Bond Hill School Students and Staff.
Appreciation Award – Presented in recognition of dedicated and valuable service to the Woodward High School Ensemble.
Entex (Siemens) Customer Service SuperStar award.
Selected to accept the Siemens Caring Hands Award for working with RemedeME, INC.
Recipient of the 2007 Cincinnati Legend for outstanding work within the local community by the P.E.A.C.E.-Y.A.R.D. Project.
Golden Skates DJ Battle Championship Winner.
Midwestern Regional Black Family Reunion Certificate of Appreciation received the first year of participation in 1989 and selected to provide and run sound for the Black Family Reunion parade since the year 2000 and eventually selected as the Master of Ceremonies in 2007.
Received Gold and Platinum Sales Awards from National Record Labels
Selected as Master of Ceremonies for the 2008 Comair Wii-fest Charity Fundraiser
Selected as Master of Ceremonies for the 2009 Comair Jet Pull
Selected as DJ for the 2009 Simply The Best Comair flight attendant program